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"San Diego's Toughest Criminal Defense Team."

The prosecution has tough, smart lawyers working hard for them. You need a tough, smart lawyer who will work even harder for YOU. Successfully resolving criminal cases is not about who can shout the loudest. It's about hiring a smart and seasoned attorney who knows the system and how it works. An attorney who has been around the block, and who has the skills to get what YOU need from the situation. An "aggressive" criminal attorney is not enough. The jails and prisons are filled with people who were given "aggressive representation" by an "aggressive attorney." At The Slattery Law Firm we combine aggressive representation, experience, practicality and common-sense to resolve misdemeanor and felony criminal issue for our clients.

If you or someone you care about have been contacted by law enforcement, or have been arrested or charged with a crime, DO NOT DELAY. An aggressive, skilled and experienced attorney must be put in place at once. Do not entrust your future to a criminal lawyer who lacks the legal and real-world experience that criminal matters require.

The Slattery Law Firm will ALWAYS provide you with tough, smart legal representation and will ALWAYS keep you informed about your case.

Criminal Defense Throughout San Diego County, Southern California, and California Statewide, And In Federal Court.

WE CAN HELP: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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We represent the accused in criminal defense matters of all kinds.
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Recent statistics suggest that 47% of all Americans are suffering from some degree of stress related to debt.

The problem is huge and affects tens of millions of people in this country. For many the pressure, the stress, and the anguish become unbearable. The only hope is relief from the debt.

The first thing to remember is that millions of Americans, from all walks of life, have found it necessary, and continue to find it necessary, to file for debt relief and protection under chapter 7. These people are not irresponsible or careless. They are regular people who have run into trouble and hard times. There is no stigma involved.

You Need an Experienced and Compassionate Lawyer to Resolve Your Family Law Issue.

Although the statistics vary, it is estimated that 43% of marriages will end in divorce.

But statistics do not tell the story of the trauma that divorce represents. Finalizing a separation from your spouse can be emotionally difficult, as well as physically and psychologically draining. The financial consequences can be serious and long lasting. Sometimes fear and confusion can lead to hasty or misguided decisions. A lack of information and knowledge can be disastrous. If there are children involved and custody issues to be resolved, the problems are even more intense. No one wants the children to suffer.

attorney a la carte

The truth is obvious: if you have a legal problem, you need legal advice.

At the Slattery Law Firm, we mean it when we say we want to solve our clients' problems quickly, creatively, and inexpensively.


Pay ONLY for the services and advice you need. You can set your own budget, spending only as much as is manageable for you. No hidden costs. No extra fees.

Maybe you are seeking a divorce or have child custody issues. Perhaps you have criminal defense issues, such as a DUI, or Domestic Violence charges. Whatever your issue, ATTORNEY A LA CARTE offers the most inexpensive way to put our team of attorneys to work on helping solve your problem.

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