The truth is obvious: if you have a legal problem, you need legal advice.

At the Slattery Law Firm, we mean it when we say we want to solve our clients’ problems quickly, creatively, and inexpensively.


Pay ONLY for the services and advice you need. You can set your own budget, spending only as much as is manageable for you. No hidden costs. No extra fees.

Maybe you are seeking a divorce or have child custody issues. Perhaps you have criminal defense issues, such as a DUI, or Domestic Violence charges. Whatever your issue, ATTORNEY A LA CARTE offers the most inexpensive way to put our team of attorneys to work on helping solve your problem.

There are document filing services out there that offer to help you with simple form filling and filing. But what if you have genuine legal questions and need full-blown legal advice?

Did you know that in the State of California, only a duly licensed attorney and member of the California State Bar, can answer legal questions or give legal advice? It is actually a crime under the Business and Professions Code for non-licensed attorneys to answer such questions or give such advice in a legal context.

If you have a legal problem, you need legal advice.

ATTORNEY A LA CARTE makes it possible for you to get exactly the help, the information and the advice you need from a licensed attorney.

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