Although the statistics vary, it is estimated that43% of marriages will end in divorce.

But statistics do not tell the story of the trauma that divorce represents.
The caring and compassionate advice of an attorney dedicated to protecting your interests can make all the difference.

Finalizing a separation from your spouse can be emotionally difficult, as well as physically and psychologically draining.

The financial consequences can be serious and long lasting.

Sometimes fear and confusion can lead to hasty or misguided decisions. A lack of information and knowledge can be disastrous.

If there are children involved and custody issues to be resolved, the problems are even more intense.

No one wants the children to suffer.

The stress of managing all these factors can be overwhelming.

Guidance and counsel from a knowledgeable attorney, an attorney who protects your interests but knows how to help things  go smoothly, can make all the difference, both to the outcome, and to your peace of mind.

At The Slattery Law Firm, our attorneys work with you to make sure that your rights and interests are protected, and  do everything possible to make this difficult time of transition and change as painless as possible.

The Slattery Law Firm: We Do The Worrying For You.

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