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Thomas Slattery, founder and managing partner of The Slattery Law Firm, is no stranger to the difficulties that can arise for those seeking to settle in the United States.

He has a personal interest in making sure that the firm’s immigration clients receive the best legal services that can be provided.

That is because Mr. Slattery is an immigrant himself, having arrived in the United States from his native London, England in 1987.

Mr. Slattery’s experience was not a smooth one. 

His application was under consideration for an extended time and required petitioning for special consideration of his request for adjustment of status, and requiring multiple extensions of his work visa and temporary resident status.    

He knows first hand the difficulties and problems that can arise for people seeking to realize their dream of a better life in this country.

Having been through the complicated process of an adjustment of status, first to Temporary Resident, then to Permanent Resident, and ultimately to  United States Citizen, Mr. Slattery knows how confusing and intimidating the process can be.

We are dedicated to explaining the process, and simplifying it wherever possible

The firm’s attorneys will do everything in their power to make sure that whatever immigration issues you may have are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From preparing the initial paperwork, to conducting any necessary hearings, to welcoming you to your new country whenever the process concludes, it is our objective to give you the support, encouragement and help that you need to deal successfully with the I.N.S.

The Slattery Law Firm:  We Do The Worrying For You.
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