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If you are involved in a legal issue of any kind, you should remember one simple fact: the other side has tough, smart lawyers working hard for them.

You need a tough, smart lawyer who will work even harder for YOU.

Successfully resolving legal issues is not about who can shout the loudest. It’s about creative problem solving. It’s about hiring a smart, and seasoned attorney who knows the system and how it works. It’s about hiring an attorney who has been around the block, and who has the skills to get what YOU need from the situation.

An “aggressive” attorney is not enough. Many people have “aggressive” attorneys who do not get the resolution the clients want. The jails and prisons are filled with defendants who were given “aggressive representation” by an “aggressive attorney.”

At The Slattery Law Firm we understand the need to combine, experience, practicality and common-sense with aggressive representation to resolve legal issues for every one of our clients no matter what their issue, be it Criminal, Family Law, or Bankruptcy.


The Slattery Law Firm’s lawyers have helped countless criminal clients on a range of issues too extensive to list entirely, but which includes DUI, drug offenses, sex crimes, expungements, identity theft, homicide, even complex litigation involving first amendment/free speech issues, in both State and Federal court.


The Slattery Law Firm has handled a wide spectrum of family law matters successfully. We have successfully litigated matters ranging from divorce, to child custody modification, to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders involving custody and support issues. We even have former employees of the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement on staff ready to help you.


The Slattery Law Firm is the hardest working bankruptcy firm in San Diego. Our attorneys have helped clients with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy matters, and have dealt with personal and business debt relief. Do not be among the 46% of Americans experiencing stress because of financial troubles.

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If you or someone you care about has issues involving Criminal Defense, Family Law, or Bankruptcy DO NOT DELAY. You need to hire a tough, smart, and experienced attorney immediately.

Do not entrust your future to a lawyer who lacks the legal and real-world experience that your legal matter requires.

The Slattery Law Firm will ALWAYS provide you with tough, smart legal representation and will ALWAYS keep you informed about your case.

Helping clients with Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Bankruptcy Throughout San Diego County, Southern California, and California Statewide, And In Federal Court.

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