Whether it’s misdemeanor or felony, and whether it’s sex crimes, DUI/Driving Under the Influence, Hit and Run, or Domestic Violence, the good old SDPD is doing its part to make sure the courts stay busy and the jails stay full. Police are out there day and night busting these criminal defendants just as quickly as they can.  Trouble is, every time one of these particular  criminals is arrested, the San Diego Police Department gets a little smaller, because these criminal defendants are SDPD officers!!!

Apparently the latest crime wave to sweep America’s Finest City takes the form of rogue cops allegedly engaging in Hit and Run, drunk-driving, domestic violence, and sexual assault against the local citizens!!!

Looks like an honest, hard-working San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney could make a living doing nothing but providing Criminal Defense to the very people who are usually arresting his clients!!

Officer Art Perea resigned after accusations of rape surfaced.

Officer David Hall is under investigation fleeing the scene after slamming his car into another vehicle then fleeing the scene.  A good old fashioned hit and run! It’s suspected that he was driving under the influence when the accident occurred.

Officer Anthony Avealos is facing 18 felony counts including sexual battery and taking a bribe.

Officer Roel Tungcab is looking at misdemeanor Domestic Violence charges after being taken into custody following a disturbance at his home.

In a glittering example of the kind of legal insight our local community can expect, former San Diego District Attorney Paul Pfingst has been quoted as saying “Generally officers who are intoxicated and hit someone and cause injury do not keep their job.”

Thanks for clearing THAT one up for us Paul!

Pfingst is no stranger to the dark side himself, having left his prosecutor’s job in New York under a cloud – a cloud of marijuana smoke.

Old Pfingst either quit or was fired (the details are a little hard to get to) for smoking marijuana and supplying his fellow workers with the same!!

He landed on his feet though!  After eight years prosecuting people for the drug crimes he didn’t mind committing himself, he’s now working at Higgs Fletcher and Mack, a civil firm here in town.

But hey, cops – and former District Attorneys – are  presumed innocent too!  Give us a call boys – we’re thinking about offering a San Diego Police Department discount.  At the rate you guys are getting DUI charges, Domestic Violence charges, and sex crime charges, we’ll need to hire more lawyers just to take care of you!

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